The Wonder Of Visiting Tucson Arizona

The Wonder Of Visiting Tucson Arizona

If you love Mother Nature even at her most harsh and beautiful then a visit to Tucson Arizona is highly recommended.

The harsh desert environment around this welcoming city provides the perfect setting for those who want to explore one of the landscape that was made famous by those ‘Westerns’ that Hollywood focused on in the 50’s and 60’s. Images of saguaro cacti and hard faced men protecting their land and the cattle that ran on ranches were common during the heyday of the Western. But modern day Tucson is a very different place – although that rough and ready old West welcome is apparent in the smiles that the locals provide to those who visit this wonderful city.

For those who do want to wander the desert and explore the environment that the early settlers would have experienced the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is a perfect destination. But this is not a ‘museum, as most people know it.

This is an experience of the flora and fauna of the desert as it was and is in its current state.

with more than 90 acres to explore this is a nature lovers delight. Both young and old will be thrilled to find out just that little bit more about the wonderful natural history of this region.

But it’s not all about the outdoors – although taking to the skies would be one of the most rewarding ways to explore the magnificent vista of this part of the United States.

The Pima Air & Space Museum is one of the best ways to get an insight into the way that air travel and innovation has played an enormous part in sculpting United States history. Here the visitor can see over 300 examples of the aircraft that have shaped the U.S. Of special interest might be the X-15A-2 which reached the very limits of outer space in the 1960’s. For those with an interest in the various conflicts where the United States used air power the various MIG fighters on display will provide a fascinating insight into the conflicts that have shaped our globe.

And for those who visit Tucson food and a dining experiences should be top of the list as far as exploring is concerned. And if you are in Tucson then you simply must explore Mexican cuisine. A great first stop would be El Caharro. Here you can experience the best of what Tucson has to offer on a plate.

Visit Tucson and enjoy a fabulous experience for young and old.

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